What We Do

Aluminium cans
Our 5-head filler allows us to provide our unique canning service to small producers with big ideas. Canning has always been a challenge to perform on a small scale, and until now, high minimum order quantities have meant that canning was out of reach for many artisan brewers and producers. The versatile nature of the line and our sample size-change procedure, combined with careful planning and minimal waste, have allowed us to offer small-batch packaging in numerous can formats up to 500ml.

We stock a wide variety of glass bottles and caps, and we’re very open to discussing alternatives if we don’t have the precise format that you require. Our counter-pressure filler will provide the same excellent consistency, no matter which glass bottles you choose. Common glass packaging formats include 330ml, 500ml (both tall and short neck) and 750ml. We stock all these formats as well as an array of more unusual options. Please contact us to find out more.
Bag in box
This can often be the simplest and most stable option for your product and we can fill 3 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre packs in this format. It should be noted that this type of packaging is only available for non-carbonated products.
We keep stock of 30 litre single-use kegs for our clients’ convenience. We are also happy to fill any other style or keg size that you need filled. Please get in touch to discuss your kegging requirements.
Labelling and artwork
After your product has been produced, take advantage of our labelling service. Canned products are not excluded from looking great. We have teamed up with a company that can provide great-looking cans in short runs using either digital printing or labels. Get in touch for more details.
Packaging options
Our packaging team has decades of combined experience and we’re comfortable using a wide array of packing options. This ensures that your product is packaged exactly as you envision it.
Unusual formats
If your product requires an unconventional package, we want to hear about it. Our experienced team are eager to solve any challenge you may have, so give us a call and intrigue us!
White label drinks
Create your own private label drinks with Devon Drinks Solutions. We’re experts in providing bespoke branded drinks for businesses. We can add your branding to our products to create great gifts for customers or staff. You can also sell these products under your brand. Alternatively, develop your own drink with the help of our in-house development team. We work with local designers and suppliers. Why not discuss your ideas with us today?
Analytical services
Smaller producers often rely on “best guess” estimates, kitchen-table titrations or unreliable calculations to ascertain critical analytical results. This can put you at risk of falling foul of the law by, for example, incorrectly stating the alcohol content, allergen levels or fill quantity of your product.

At Devon Drinks Solutions, we are confident that our methods are top-of-the-line. By taking advantage of our analytical services, you can be fully confident in your product. We can test the following aspects of your products:

Specific Gravity (SG)

Using a function of density, SG is used as a measure of sweetness. It is measured by u-tube oscillation. 

Alcohol by Volume (ABV)

By law, an accurate ABV needs to be declared on all products. This is measured by laser spectrophotometry.

Calories per 100ml

This nutritional information is useful for validating labelling and marketing materials. It is an inferred calculation from oscillating u-tube/laser spectrophotometry.

Sulphur Dioxide

This antioxidant is regularly used to preserve products, but it’s also an allergen with a legally defined upper limit. Both free and total sulphur dioxide are measured through redox reaction.

Titratable Acidity

This refers to the amount of acid in a product and provides an essential measure of tartness. It is measured through alkaline titration.

Our laboratory is run by a scientist with over 10 years of experience in analysing drinks. We also maintain a partnership with an accredited third-party laboratory that can perform further analysis on your products if required.

Laboratory analysis is available as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to any contract with Devon Drinks Solutions. Contact us for more info.