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Solving a significant problem for artisan and small to medium-sized drinks producers

Devon Drinks Solutions was born out of experience and frustration. As a small drinks producer, we consistently came up against obstacles that prevented us from producing a professionally packaged product. This hindered our ability to grow our business and compete in a busy marketplace. We had the dichotomy that our volumes were too small for professional packagers, but purchasing equipment that would enable us to pack our own products was just not a viable option.

We have been producing award-winning ciders since 2009, and award-winning spirits since 2018 under our ‘Courtney’s Drinks’ brands so we sought to create a solution.

In 2021, at the beginning of the second COVID-19 lockdown, we decided to make a huge investment and create a service suited to the needs of artisan brewers, hobbyists and budding producers. Having invested in building works, equipment and experienced staff, we are proud to introduce our bespoke, adaptable production facility. If you’re a small or medium-sized beverage producer that needs a flexible solution for bottling, canning, BIBs or kegging, we can provide the solution.

This is only the beginning of our story – we’re on a journey that will see us continuing to invest in equipment, facilities and people to support those facing the same challenges that we faced when we were trying to develop our business.

To find out more about our professionally packaged drinks range, please visit: www.courtneysdrinks.co.uk.

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We take protecting the environment seriously

Our commitment to the environment

We take protecting the environment seriously and environmental concerns are a major aspect of every decision that we make.
Creating a more sustainable future for generations to come is all of our responsibility. As a result, we strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operations in every way possible, while helping our clients to do the same.

We put our commitment to the environment into practice in the following ways:

Reducing our consumption of natural resources, including fossil fuels and water
Carrying out business travel and drinks deliveries in as sustainable a manner as possible by grouping logistics to minimise mileage and avoid multiple trips
Using materials effectively to minimise waste production
Procuring goods and services responsibly, minimising use of virgin plastic packaging and printed materials
Sourcing ingredients and raw materials locally whenever possible
Providing our clients with an alternative to single-use plastic and encouraging local procurement